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Lies and Pizza by Ellie Rose McKee


Lies and Pizza


Round triangles trying to be three things at once

Crispy and soft and dripping

Base sauce topped with topping dipped in dipping sauce


Consumed whole


Devoured with glee

Sweet on the tongue

Hot on the tongue

Warm fullness in the belly

And then drowsiness



A moment’s satisfaction


And then suddenly remembering your recent

Lactose intolerance diagnosis

That always slips your mind

When round triangles sizzle seductively


Ellie in pizza-land

Wonderous whispers––Eat Me, Eat Me

Oh. Oh no no no.


The taste turns sour in your mouth.


Ellie Rose McKee is a writer from Northern Ireland. She has had poems published by Arlen House, Nine Muses Poetry, and Black Bough; has had short stories included in Women Aloud NI's 'North Star' anthology, The Bramley, and Scarlet Leaf Review; and has been blogging for over ten years.


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