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Fruit Split by Marie Little


Fruit Split


Petty, that something as cheesy as

pizza might break us, but

The Pineapple Debate

brings out the worst

in both of us. You

fold up your face like cracked

calzone at even a

mention - It has no place!

you spit chilli flakes

grind the restaurant pepper mill

like you are turning

a rusty screw

Pineapple! you growl

It should be illegal!

Still, I am quietly chewing

savouring my favourite artichokes,

bursting black olives with my

teeth, dreaming of its

sweet tang.


Marie Little writes poetry and micro fiction and (shh) enjoys pineapple on pizza. She has work featured/forthcoming in various literary magazines/websites/blogs. Marie plays with writing prompts on Twitter @jamsaucer


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